Assens Shipyard Ltd. - The yard capacity

Yard facilities

  • 1 pcs. 20 ton mobile crane
  • 1 pcs. 30 ton mobile crane
  • 4 pcs. mobile cranes up to 18 tons
  • 3 pcs. of trucks
  • 2 pcs. of lorries
  • Bob Cat / sweepers
  • Mooring boats and floating platforms
  • Experience Efficiency Flexibility

    With it's location, Assens Shipyard Ltd. is placed in centre of Denmark, with consequently short sailing distance from all positions in the Baltic, Kattegat and Skagerak areas.

    Apart from ship refits and conversions of any kind constructions of newbuildings are our capacity.

    Assens Shipyard Ltd - Denmark

    Floating Dock No. 1

    Length: 100 metres - Width: 18.5 metres

    Lifting capacity: 2,000 tons - Draught: 6.5 metres


    (Press picture to see PDF-yard-plan in A4-size)

    Floating Dock No. 2

    Length: 80 metres - Width: 14 metres

    Lifting capacity: 1,200 tons - Draught: 6.5 metres

    This dock can be roofed completely and the dock heated for special and demanding building and repairs.